Beautiful Biscotti

I just had to share some fotos of David’s first attempt at making biscotti. I was a good little kitchenhand, as usual, and got all the ingredients out. But that is where my contribution ends, (other than oohs and aahs of encouragement) as this is necessary to the successful end product! David has an excellent success rate with his cooking, I would guess somewhere around 90%. My success rate is somewhere around the 50% mark, maybe it’s 45%. Ah well, just what we need for me to cook something simple when he doesn’t feel like it, or on his raid nights!

David has posted more about this biscotti on his blog, with a link to the recipe. This stuff makes really nice gifts, I can wrap it up purrddeee. And it’s a lot cheaper to make than buy, if you have a genius like David in the family! /nomnomnom


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