My best cure for hiccups.

I have a theory about hiccups that I’d like to share!

There are many home remedies to cure hiccups. Teaspoons of sugar, deep abdominal breathing, breathing in a paper bag and getting startled with an unexpected ‘boo!’ are all well known hiccup cures.  My best friend from highschool Karen, was convinced the only way to cure hiccups was to get a glass of water and drink it upside down. I never quite got that, even though I saw her do it with my very own eyes! But have you ever noticed a common theme through all of these cures? They all make you do the same thing … stop whatever it was you were doing when you got the hiccups!

I believe hiccups are caused by stress. Stress in the body, which is caused by the mind not listening, so the body says ‘hey, stop that!’ and starts to hiccup. Apparently, scientists don’t know what causes hiccups. Well, I think they should look at what is common between all the cures and there is the answer. The cures all make you stop what you were doing by making you do some other little thing to give yourself a break. And why wouldn’t a spoonful of sugar work? And if it doesn’t, just go and sit in a pretty and quiet place with a nice cup of herbal tea and admire the garden or sky, it’s bound to fix you right up!

/smiles from me

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