Sea Green Beanie

The beanie I made on Mother’s Day is too big for Thomas, so I made this one to fit him now. I made it the same as the Mother’s Day one, but used a 4mm hook  instead of the 4.5mm, so it’s slightly smaller. I used Wangaratta Mill yarn that I got from Lincraft on special. There was nothing on the label to say it was a natural fibre so I guess I’ll have to assume it’s acrylic.

I’ve made a bunch of beanies already, but they are all too small by now, because he is growing so fast! Thomas is now 5 months old! I can’t wait until he is 6 months old, or sitting up on his own. Because he is 2 months premature, he is at the developmental stage of a 3 month old. I hope he is sitting up for my 40th birthday in July when he’ll be 7 months old – we’re hoping to go to Yum Cha and have him sitting in a high chair. People say babies grow up so fast, that we shouldn’t wish the time away, but these last few months have been going so very slowly for me and I can’t wait for him to be just a little bigger …


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