Blue Fingerless Gloves

I really enjoyed working with this lovely lima alpaca blend yarn from Lincraft, it’s so soft! This is my post for this week’s Blue Monday hosted by Smiling Sally.

Because the Lincraft pattern specified this particular yarn I splurged out and got it, although now I know the pattern I’m sure I could substitute other wool from my stash. The pattern was very easy and is another one in the Crochet 08/09 booklet I bought a couple of months ago.

I’m very pleased with how these worked out, they’re perfect for wearing while typing on the computer during the winter months. Have you ever tried typing while wearing normal fingered gloves? LoL, it’s just not possible no matter how unfrozen your fingers are!

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I had a quick look at all the participants this week, something I haven’t been able to do before. It does take a long time so I didn’t comment on most. A couple I did comment on, and this was my favourite to link, for my future reference.


Two Berry Pink Hats

I bought 5 balls of this ‘Berry Mix’ Lincraft DK wool last year for my birthday, thinking I might make a simple rug with it, but of course that hasn’t happened! This is my post for this week’s Pink Saturday blog party hosted by Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound.

I made this flower hat one evening while watching some television, the final episodes of Bones and Castle to be exact! I call this hat a ‘flower’ hat because I started it off with a small 6 petal flower. Each petal is a cluster of 3 trebles all pulled together in one stitch, each petal is then separated by 3 chains. Then I work out in flat rounds, increasing slightly each round until it was just slightly smaller than my out-stretched hand. Then I used the shell pattern down the sides as I did with my wine coloured beanie. This pattern usually makes hats smaller so I was careful to make sure this hat would fit an adult.

This is now the 3rd rose I’ve made like this to make into a detachable brooch to go with the hat. I still had to refer to Rachel’s pattern at Crochet Spot as I haven’t yet memorised it. I highly recommend Rachel’s website if you are in need of some crochet patterns, its very nicely set out. Just remember her patterns are in American crochet, not English. The cost of the wool I used for this hat and matching brooch was less than $2, and I used a 4mm hook.

Using the same wool I also made a hip-hop cap following the pattern in the Crochet 08/09 booklet from Lincraft. I didn’t check the gauge so that might be why this hat turned out a bit on the big side, although I’m not sure if it’s meant to be like that! It didn’t take me long and I whipped it up in about 3 or 4 hours while we watching tv and David was cooking.

I hope you like seeing two more of my hats, this time they are Berry Pink! And be sure to check out other pinks at this week’s Pink Saturday blog party @ How Sweet the Sound!

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A Barbie Doll with Green Earrings

I just love how this $1 salvaged doll turned out,  I think she was a really great find! This doll’s amazing transformation is my post for Transformation Thursday which is hosted by The Shabby Chic Cottage.

I found her naked at the Greenslopes Lifeline store tied up with another Barbie and a shoeless Bratz doll for 2 dollars. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with the Bratz doll, and the other Barbie has hair in very poor condition. I’m actually wondering if I’ll give up on the other dolls and maybe sell them on ebay.

This doll with green earrings was in such good condition I knew I could clean her up well so this is the second doll I ‘restored’. I combed, conditioned, shampooed the hair with herbal shampoo. Then I left conditioner in the hair for 3 minutes after combing through, rinsing thoroughly when done. I washed the doll’s body with shampoo also, there was a black mark that could be texta on her leg that didn’t come off straight away but now it has rubbed off. I finished off the hair my smoothing some baby oil over it lightly when it had dried naturally.

I chose the lovely multi-coloured baby wool for her dress with flecks of green in it, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I added the raised ribs into it as I went along, and made it a pull-on style so it’s easier for a younger child to dress the doll. The stitch on the skirt is something I saw at craft group and involves clusters of 5 trebles (English) that are separated with an English double in the middle of the cluster below. I saw this in a picture for a wedding dress for a Barbie doll.

All is left to do is make some cute scuffs for her flat feet, which have very cute pink painted toenails! I finished these orange sandals yesterday, they are a cinch to make! And because it’s winter here now she looked a trifle cold in her strapless dress so I put on the green shrug I did months ago when I was trying to work out how to make one for me. The green shrug was just a random thing I did while I was trying to understand how shrugs were shaped.

I’m really happy at the transformation of this bargain $1 doll, from naked in the op shop bin to cleaned and dressed, she has scrubbed up very nicely indeed!

I just love looking through the other posts for Transformation Thursdays, there are always fantastic ideas, I highlight my favourites below. If you love home crafty things, be sure to check out the other blog party posts at The Shabby Chic Cottage.

Some of my selected highlights from this week’s party (oh so many!)

White Rose of Peace

I’ve made a flower to go with the white hat I made about four years ago without a pattern. I like to call the flower I made for it “The White Rose of Peace” ! This is my post for this week’s White Wednesday blog party hosted by Faded Charm.

I’ve made this flower before using the rose pattern on Rachel’s Crochet Spot website. I prefer to attach these flowers to a safety pin so they are removable according to whim and fancy! This one was made with white wool I was given amongst a large unwanted stash by the mother of a friend, and I used a 3.5mm or  4mm hook for the flower.

I’ve decided my White Rose of Peace shall bring Harmony and Tranquillity to all who look at it with Magical Imagination! It is a special flower I’ve made for good luck and forgiveness!
❤ ❤ ❤

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My selected highlights from this week’s party

Purple Bolero Shrug

It took me a week or two, doing a bit now and then while we were watching tv in the evenings, to finish this bolero shrug. This is the first crochet thing I’ve made to wear, other than beanies and scarves!

I used the pattern from the Lincraft booklet I bought a month or so ago. I bought the book for this pattern specifically, as I’ve been looking for free patterns on the net and haven’t had much luck with them working out or being simple enough for me to follow. I tried one pattern and it was totally epic fail! I had trouble starting this one too, and in the end settled on buying the specific wool stated in the pattern from Lincraft, because they won’t tell you what ply the wool is. This is a purple “Winter Warmth” wool which cost $3 for 50g, and it used just over one ball so there is some left over as I got two balls. Maybe I can make a nice little beanie or something with what’s left?

Now I know the pattern I think I could make this again with other wool… hopefully! Making this bolero shrug taught me how to do raised ridges which you can see at the cuffs. I’ve been enjoying adding this new stitch to a couple of other projects I’ve done since, like a beanie and a doll’s dress, which I will post about soon.

Nice Navy Blue Beanie

This could very well be the nicest beanie I’ve made so far. Although I don’t know why I used a 3mm hook with fine wool like this, it took me ages! I’m glad my brother liked this beanie enough to wear so I gave it to him! This is my post for Blue Monday hosted by Smiling Sally.

This was going to just be a simple beanie like others I’ve made, but because the hook was small and the wool was fine, it was taking a lot longer to finish. It’s nice and neat but I was getting bored, so I just had to add in some pattern, didn’t I? The pattern isn’t too feminine I think and would be fine for a man to wear, this is an adult sized beanie.

I made up the patterned part because I was bored. It’s a three row pattern repeated three times, I’ll try and write it out. It’s a bit hard to explain, but it looked good in the end. I used cheap craft wool from Lincraft for this, it was on special for $2. I don’t mind using cheap wool while I’m still learning, one day I will use nicer yarn.

Repeated 3 round pattern
1. ch3, db tr (American treble) in next treble (American double), skip 2 trebles, db (American single), repeat to end
2. turn and go the opposite way to all other rounds, ch 3, db tr into st ch sp (American treble), db into 2nd ch sp (American single)
3. turn back to the same way for all rounds except round 2, 4 db tr into each chain space (American treble)

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My selected highlights from this week’s party –

Restoring Two Old Barbie Dolls

I found these two gems at a secret location! If I told you where, I would then have to kill you!!! /jokes!

I’ve found a little second hand store that is convenient for me to drop in regularly, so I can check if they have any more from time to time. I found these two naked and bagged up together for just $2. That’s a dollar each! I think they are simply gorgeous! As a way to help mend the sadness of loosing my special childhood Barbies, I would like to see if I can restore them! This picture was taken on their first day, when I simply could not bring myself to photograph them naked, so I chucked on the blue dress and whipped up the grey one very quickly.

The blue dress is the first one I made, using the dress my Nanna Pam made for inspiration. This dress is now with my niece. I gave it to her to go with the new base model Barbie, as a farewell gift on her way back to live in Darwin. For the other doll, I just grabbed some grey wool that I had handy and quickly made up the winter dress, this time it was shapeless so I made a belt for it later. My niece didn’t like the grey dress which is why I still have that one. Otherwise I would have chucked it in with the other clothes I gave her!

I started with the doll on the right, and washed her hair following instructions on several sites on how to wash Barbie doll hair. A couple of sites said to put baby oil on it at the end to smooth it down, so I did that although I was worried it would ruin it. I started by gently combing out the tangles. It was pretty bad and some of the hair did come out. Then I wet, conditioned and rinsed first, then washed and rinsed, then conditioned it again, leaving in the conditioner for a couple of minutes, then rinsed thoroughly. I just used my herbal shampoo as it was all I had. I combed through again and let it dry over night, roughly holding the hair in place with a loose hair tie around her neck. When the hair was dry the next day, I put a little baby oil on my hands and just smoothed down the ends. I’m very surprised at the softness of the end result. I’m also thinking that these dolls are perhaps not as old as I first thought, because the hair has come up quite ok.

To celebrate this old doll’s restored hair, I made her a new dress in some nicely coloured fine teal wool that my mum gave me. A pair of white shoes match the wide-brim white hat I made. She had to borrow the doll stand from my grandmother’s porcelain doll for this photograph, as that’s the only one I have. Perhaps I need to get more dolls stands? LOL! I don’t think I’m going to get into the doll collecting thing serious enough for that!

Today I cleaned up the other doll of this pair. Her hair was a real mess, which is why I left her til this morning because I was a bit afraid of it! It took me a while to untangle it, some hair did come out but not as much as the other doll. She also has some damage on her right forearm, I don’t know what it is and couldn’t find anything about that kind of thing on the net. So after her wash I used nail clippers to remove as much of the peeling plastic as I could and made her a little bracelet to help hide it. I also put a couple of pins with matching beads into the wholes in her ears so she has matching earrings. A couple of plastic accessories like the orange shoes, topped off with a winter beanie hat results in a very cute look I think!

I’m finding restoring these very cheap dolls rewarding, because they only cost $1 and come up very nicely. It’s a lot more enjoyable than buying a new doll. I now regret getting new dolls now I know you can get nice ones so cheaply! And once you take a doll out of the box it’s value decreases just like driving a new car out of the car yard!

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