Purple Baby Jacket and Hat

This was an easy jacket I made following a pattern David’s sister Michelle got free for me from Spotlight, the hat I made using an easy pattern from Lincraft.

The hat was the first of these that I made using a pattern from the Lincraft booklet I bought some months ago. I then had a go at the matching jacket but I just couldn’t make sense of what the pattern wanted me to do. My M.I.L had a look at it for me and tried to explain but in the end I decided it was harder than it deserved, so I gave up and had a go at the pattern from Spotlight, which made more sense to me.

For the jacket, I used more of the purple dimples baby yarn from Lincraft, this pattern required a 4mm and a 4.5mm hook. It’s a straight forward pattern and now I know how to do it, I’m sure I could make more variations of it. I really like the stitch in the skirt, so much so that I’m also working on a scarf using the same stitch. I think it looks like a pretty flower or star pattern. The buttons are recycled from my old stash and I think they suit perfectly! The pattern has sleeves, and also says to thread a ribbon around the waist, which I can choose to do later if I wish. For now, I think this is ok!

Perhaps I need to have a go at the booties ?

A White Dress for Barbie

I’m very surprised how this turned out, how could it be that the bodice of this dress fits so perfectly? This is my post for White Wednesday which is hosted by Faded Charm. I’m also putting this in for this week’s Transformation Thursday hosted @ The Shabby Chic Cottage.

I used white dimples baby yarn from Lincraft, that’s their cheapest baby yarn and it costs $1.99 for 50g. I started with the bodice as usual with all of these dresses I make, working up from the waist. When I got to the cleavage area I attempted a sweet heart neckline. I have attempted this before on a top I’ve made but undid it as it didn’t work out. This time I did it over two rows and I am totally amazed at how perfectly it sits, I was certain it would be a little wonky.

The skirt is the 5 cluster separated by english doubles in the cluster below pattern which I saw in a picture of a Barbie doll wedding dress, although that’s the only thing I used from that pattern. I didn’t plan for the skirt to be this shape at all, it just kind of happened. I forgot to increase more before starting the shell pattern so the skirt is more fitted at the top, so then I flared out at the bottom. It was nice but it needed something more so I finished off with a row of picots, and low and behold, they really wanted to sit up in the air like that! It kind of looks funny but it is a ‘white dress’ after all, so they are kinda of required by law to look a bit frilly and silly!!! lolzzz

I have many white buttons and I knew I wanted the one holed pearl kind, but the only ones I could find in my stash were a little too big or had peeling polish so I actually bought these buttons new /gasp! That really is naughty for a doll’s dress isn’t it? I got some really cheap ones and there are plenty left over to use on other things, so I figure I’m not toooo bad!

The last thing to do was to make something white for her hair so I just whipped this thing up. It’s simply a row of English trebles (US dc) to allow room for ribbon to be threaded through, then some shells like the skirt on top of that. I didn’t really know what I was making, this kind of just happened! I threaded the ribbon through then around again to form a loop that the hair could go through. Tying it tightly keeps her flyaway hair in place and every bride needs a little something white on the head, don’t you think?

❤ ❤

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My favourite highlight from this week’s White Wednesday

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I checked every participant this week for this blog party as I always find so many useful posts. Here are some of my favourites.

I also found these Ten Parenting Tips @ Real Parenting Tips

  1. Read to your children.
  2. Have the courage to say “NO!” at times.
  3. Create meaningful family traditions.
  4. Make home a place where your children want to be.
  5. Have Family Dinner every night.
  6. Teach your children to work – and work with them.
  7. Support your child’s interests.
  8. Talk with, not at your children.
  9. Listen.
  10. Say “I love you” often.

A Set of Small Purses

This set began with a shell pouch I made for my mum to say thank you for teaching me how to crochet. Now the set has grown to include more purses! This is my post for this week’s Transformation Thursday which is hosted by The Shabby Chic Cottage. I transformed a ball of  lovely and soft multi-coloured wool into these purses.

I made the tiny purse without a pattern. I again used the shell pattern for one side then plain for the other so the shape would not turn out wonky. I then made a lid for the purse. I was inspired by the lid on the quick clutch at Crochet Spot but I did not follow the pattern. If I did I probably would not have had to pull it apart two times before I got it right on the third try! I also made up my own tiny button, although I might replace it with a proper button if this doesn’t work out. This tiny purse took one morning to do.

I completed the tissues cover over two days without using a pattern. I had been planning to make one with a slit down the middle but then I saw the tissues I had bought for this opened a different way. I made this tissue purse using the shell stitch on the front only and plain treble crochet on the back and sides so it would keep it’s shape. I had trouble deciding if I would make a lid for it, but settled on leaving it open because the shell stitch made a nice wavy edge.

I gave these and the matching tiny dancing teddy bears to my mum yesterday when she came to visit. She said she likes the set, and promptly put her pens in the larger pouch to stop them from rolling around in her bag! The tiny teddies fit neatly inside the tiny purse, they were so cute!

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My Highlights from this weeks’ party

Simple Brown Handbag

I’ve quickly made up another chocolate-coloured handbag in case my sister doesn’t like the other brown bag I made for her. This is my post for Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage. The materials transformed for this was about 50g of yarn and three buttons. Using a 3.5mm crochet hook it didn’t take long at all, maybe one afternoon.

I was speaking to Jen last week and she mentioned she needed a little handbag just big enough to hold a couple of things so I’ve made another bag a little bigger than the last with a longer handle. This bag has a handle long enough that when on the shoulder the bag will hang down by the waist. I used a simple stitch, instead of the shell stitch I used in the first brown bag which made it a little wonky, so this was quicker to make.

By the way, I found out at the craft group I went to last week that the stitch I’ve been calling ‘double crochet’ is American for the UK stitch called ‘treble crochet’, which is the stitch I used mostly here. I’m thinking I will need to learn both crochet languages so I know the two names for each stitch. There are so many free patterns on the internet that are in American crochet, but my mother and the local craft group use British crochet, so it’s best I know both!

Here’s to hoping my sister likes at least one of these bags!

So MANY Fantastic Ideas at this weeks party, some day I’d really like to try these ones…

Cute, Small Brown Handbag

I’m really quite proud of how this turned out in the end, if I do say so myself!

At first I was worried how wonky it was, marrying up the edges evenly was a challenge. But because it was off-centre I was able to place the button enough to the side to appear intentional, and  I think the result is rather cute. I had several cute buttons to choose from as usual, all would match nicely, but I settled on the pearly tan coloured one.

When I told my sister Jenny that I could crochet simple handbags, she said she’d like one in ‘earthy brown colours’, hence why I chose this wool and button. I really hope she likes it because I made it with love and care, although I know it’s highly likely the first thing she’ll say will be to point out an imperfection. But you know sisters can be like that, hey? I used the shell stitch described in my Shell Crochet Pouch post, I just made it larger and added a handle, which was rather easy and fun!

Shell Crochet Pouch

I just made this modest crochet pouch because I thought the shell stitch was very pretty, and liked the multi-colours in this wool which shows off the stitch better than a mono-colour.  I have also started making a brown pouch for my sister because she asked me to make her one, and thought to make the stitch a little interesting so had a go at this shell stitch. Its kind of like this one here, but I did it off the top of my head at the time so it’s different.

One row of this shell pattern takes two rows to complete. It goes something like this …
start with a chain with length equal to pouch width
row 1 – (ch 2, 2 dc in 1st ch sp, sk 2 ch sp, sl st) to end, turn
row 2 – ch 2, 2 dc in 1st ch sp (sl st in top of shell in row 1, 3 dc in sl st in row 1) to end

I wonder if my mum would like this as a gift? She has so many lovely things, its very hard to find nice gifts for her. But mum was my very first crochet teacher. Thanks to her early lessons, I was I able to pick up a few pointers from youtube videos when I started hooking again in recent years. Hopefully she likes my simple gift as a thankyou for all the handicrafts that she taught me. I had several pretty buttons to choose from, and settled on the burnt orange one with a lovely shell-like shine to it.

I hope I get a chance to see mum soon so I can give it to her to say thanks!

Dress for a Special Teddy

This pair of teddy bears are very special to me, I’ve had them for nearly two years now.

I knew I wanted to get my grandma something soft and pink, hopefully something that could bring her at least a little bit of comfort. David found one and I loved it straight away, knowing it was what I needed to give her. I put a big, bright pink ribbon around it’s neck. It was a hard time for my family, David took me back to the newsagent and bought me another one. When my nanna passed away, I was given the option to look after her teddy so chose to keep the pair together.

I recently made a dress for one, it was very easy. I might make another one in a different colour for the other teddy.  I simply made a circle chain with a circumference as wide as the chest, rows of single crochet make up the bodice. Then I used a shell stitch for the skirt. Last to do was 2 shoulder straps leaving holes for the buttons, and sewing on the prettiest buttons I could find that would suit. I chose ones with a nice shell texture.

It might be fun to make a frilly pair of underpants to go under the dress, if I ever get around to it.

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