A Special Bear for Thomas

We have been given some gifts from several close friends and family, including this bear from Megan! Here are a couple of images of what he has been up to lately.

He is a special bear, his tag says his name is “Ellerslie”. I think he is around the same size Thomas is at the moment, maybe even a little bigger. We’re not allowed to put anything with Tom inside the humidicrib just yet. I did put the blue boy doll inside for a moment just to take a photo, but it wasn’t in there for long. Because Tom was born so early, he has to stay in a special crib where it is easy for him to breathe, and keep cosy and warm. We are allowed to take him out to feed him like you can see David doing here, but after that he goes back in his crib.

So Ellerslie has been hanging out with me to keep me company while I was in hospital, and he was excellent company too! <<< Here he is looking after my eye mask when I wasn’t wearing it. >>> Here is another photo of teddy with my comfy green neck pillow. I think he was “looking after it”, too! Ellerslie is wearing the special yellow beanie that Tom was wearing in his first photo, as it is just the right fit!

Thankyou to Megan for this special gift, Ellerslie the teddy bear is sure to be part of the action!

Seasonal Drinks "Winter" & "Spring" Coasters

Here are two more sets for my Seasonal Drinks coasters collection, Winter and Spring.

I borrowed inspiration from google images of  winter colours and spring colours. I could have used other colours than I did of course, but I looked at what I had and went with that. These winter colours are not of a typical Australian winter, but include lots of white for snow. We do get snow in Australia, but only in certain parts and not where I have ever lived in my life! The winter set also has some green for the evergreen trees and royal blue, which represents the long hours of twilight.

Spring is bright and cheery with mostly yellow, and some light blue and green. The blue represents the clear blue skies we got here early this spring, with green to stand for new growth. Yellow is for the new spring flowers and sunlight starting to warm things up. Choose darker coloured coasters when drinking red wine.

I now have made seven sets of coasters, I might have enough to give as gifts to various people. But then again, I might make just one more set …

Lovey Dovey Eyemask

After a late night raiding, David wanted to sleep in but complained of the light waking him up. He joked he needed an eyemask like mine, although his needed something ‘loveydovey’ on it! ‘Oh, I could do that’ I said and this is what I came up with!

I decided to use some left over red cloth that is like that brushed cotton, nice and soft. I thought that would make a nice sleeping mask. I considered cutting out lovehearts and sewing them on where the eyes should be, but knew that shape is tricky to hem and not have fray. I came up with the idea of using a simple embroidery backstitch using loveheart cookie cutters as the template. But what could I use to draw the shape onto the material? Most pencils and pens would not work, and a permanent marker might show through to the other side. What I needed was some white chalk … I used to have some stashed away, but I hadn’t seen it in a while so I must have gotten rid of it. Then I remembered the set of screwup children’s crayons I had in the guest room. Why would they have put white crayon in a child’s colouring set, I had wondered. Well now I know. So I can use it for my sewing!! It worked perfectly.

To make this sleeping mask, I used one I already had as a template.
1. Using an eyemask as a template, cut a shape that is twice the size with the top being the fold. Leave a good inch for the seams.
2. Embroider any pattern or words you want on one side, draw any outline on the wrong side of the cloth.
3. Fold in half with the wrong side of the cloth on the outside, and machine sew down one side and along the bottom.
4. Turn in the right way and place a layer of packing sponge inside.
5. Turn the opening inside and machine sew the edge, keep going around to the other side so it looks even and neat.
6. Cut a 2 inch wide strip of matching material, fold the edges in and sew on the right side, making sure there is enough space inside the tube for a safety pin.
7. Measure the length of elastic you’ll need to fit comfortably around the wearer’s head, use safety pins to pin the elastic to the mask to get an accurate measurement.
8. Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the thin tube (use a large safety pin at the other end of the elastic so you don’t loose it inside).
9. Use safety pins to pin the covered elastic to the mask and recheck your measurement just to be sure.
10. Hand stitch the covered elastic to the eyemask, about halfway down each side.