Three Small Things – dishcloth, heart, face washer

>>> Here is a face cloth that I edged last night, I simply did one round of double crochet (US sc). This cloth came in a gift pack from the hospital where Tom is staying and it was perfect for a quick edge treatment! I nearly did the edge in blue but decided that would be too boring so did it in a contrasting green instead! The single row looks less frilly I think, so will go well in our growing stash of baby boy goodies. I vowed years ago never to edge face washers with crochet but I succumb to the urge this year while teaching myself crochet. So far I’ve edged a pair of white with purple, and a pair of pink with pink!

<<< I whipped up this variation of Suzetta’s small heart earlier this month. This one has a second round so you can have two colours like I have here. For this one I used my 1.75mm hook. I think this is my favourite heart pattern, thankyou Suzie! I first had a go at this pattern back in January when I was teaching myself how to read crochet patterns, and I’ve come back to this pattern several times so far.

>>> Here is a small ridged green cotton dishcloth that I did up earlier this month using a 4mm hook and the last of the cotton in this colour. I now have two dish cloths this colour, the other green dishcloth I made up last month.  The ridged stitch is at crochetspot.

Lavendar-edged Facewashers

Oh no! I did say “Somebody Stop me!” Here is another pair of crochet-edged facewashers, this time I edged the white ones in lavendar coloured cotton. Because why? Because I am bored! Yay for frilliness!

I just copied this pattern by looking at an edged face washer David’s mother did.

round 1. using 1.5mm hook (slp st, ch 1) slp st
round 2. using 2.5mm hook (sc ch 1 sk ch sp) slp st
round 3. using 2.5mm hook (sk 1 ch sp, 5 dc, sk 1 ch sp, sc), at each corner 8 dc in corner ch sp

What is this Wretched Malady??

Oh yes. I vowed Never Ever to do this. But here you have it, facewashers edged with crochet. Who can tell what possessed me to engage in such frivolity? I guess I’m just bored. So unwholesome is this wretched malady, that I now feel a compulsion to edge all facewashers in my house!

Somebody stop me!!!