Three Small Things – apple sweater, dishcloth, square motif

>>> I first saw an apple sweater at Crochetspot and thought it was a fabulous idea. An apple is a great snack, but doesn’t go very well in my handbag and always ends up getting bruised, but the sweater would protect it from that. More images of apple sweaters on google show different styles. I turned one of my baby beanies into an apple sweater by simply crochet a chain to go around the edge and sl st to join. This second one I made as an apple sweater from the start. It’s my own pattern, it’s like a baby beanie but with a chain threaded through the lip and sl st to join a ring. I used a 5mm hook and some more of the pink and blue mohair I had used for the hot water bottle cover. It now lives in our fruit bowl, waiting to be used!

<<< This aqua coloured flower dishcloth is a pattern I made up, turning over after every row to work in a ridge. The 5th round is some 5 treble flower petals. I ran out of cotton just at the end, so the last petal is 5 ch to form a handy hanging hook. For this one I used a 4mm hook and the last of the aqua cotton my mum gave me.

>>> I saw a lacey crochet square motif on a crochet blog, and I really liked it so I tried copying it. I didn’t follow a pattern, I just tried to replicate the image. I used my 1.75mm hook and some fine lilac cotton mum gave me. When I was finished this tiny square I wet it and blocked it as it wasn’t quite flat. I’m not sure where this square will live, perhaps it can be a dolly’s blanket.

Pink and Blue Hot Water Bottle Cover

A hot water bottle is just what I needed for these aches and pains, the rice hot packs don’t hold their heat for as long. But then I needed to make a cover for the water bottle, didn’t I?

I still have an inflammed liver from the pre-eclampsia, or more specifically the H.E.L.L.P. syndrome which is very rare, so my liver aches but the doctors said that means it’s getting better. For this cover I used a 5mm hook and a blend of 70% mohair and 30% PAC (whatever that is). I got this yarn from Lincraft when they had 50% off wool, this one was labelled  “Mohair Linate Classic” so I got 5 balls of it at a reasonable price. The washing instructions are cool wash, dry flat in shade, do not hang or tumble dry, cool iron. This is a very simple pattern I made up to fit the bottle and I completed it over a day.

My Hot Water Bottle Cover Pattern
using 5mm hook and thick yarn
1. ch as many as needed to width of bottle, ch 2, treble (US dc) in 3rd ch from hook, treble in ea ch to end, treble into bottom of ea ch to end, sl st to join
2. ch 2, treble into each treble around, sl st to join
3. repeat round 2 until you reach shoulder height of the bottle
4. ch 2, treble into same, {sk 4 treble, (2 treble, 1 ch, 2 treble) into next treble} to end, 2 treble into same space as 1st treble, ch 1, sl st into 1st ch 2
5. ch 2, trbl into same, {(2 treble, 1 ch, 2 treble) into next ch 1 space} to end, 2 treble into 1st ch space, ch 1, sl st
6. repeat round 5 to top of water bottle (about 5 rounds in total for neck)
7. thread ribbon through middle round of neck stitch, insert hot water bottle, tie bow in ribbon

Three Small Things – soap saver, dishcloth, square motif

<<< I don’t really understand why I woke one morning thinking I needed to make a soap saver for the laundry soap, but I did! I don’t usually use these things, but the soap I have in the laundry at the moment was a gift and really needed one as it was making a mess. I didn’t follow a pattern as it’s a pretty basic shape, but I did look at crochetspot and google for some inspiration, and used my thick cotton and a 4mm hook. I got the idea of continuing the first round all the way round the bottom of the first row from the free pattern at crochetspot, there are also pictures and patterns of other soap savers there. I’ve tested it out, so far so good. The plan is, when you get the little shards of soap left over at the end you keep them in the bag so you don’t waste them. Very thrifty, I like it!

>>> I have been working on a spiral dishcloth using the same aqua cotton as my first cotton dishcloth, but I’m not happy with it so it’s currently in my pile of unfinished projects. I bought some ‘amalfi’ yarn from Lincraft for $4, which is 100% cotton. I think the choice of colours look ‘dishclothy’, if there is such a thing, so chose the aqua greenish one. This time I made a bigger version of the basketweave dishcloth, as David asked for a bigger one. This used most of the 50g ball, there isn’t enough left to make another one this size. Consolation is that this cloth can be washed and reused for quite a while, so I can get my money and effort’s worth out of it. This didn’t take long to do, I used a new bamboo 3.5mm I thought to try for fun. I found working with the bamboo hook that it stuck a little, and is not as smooth as using a metal one. The final product measures 22cm x 18cm.

<<< I tried this square motif, I’m thinking of using it to make some baby play cubes. This coaster pattern is at crochetspot.

Pretty Pink and Purple Bag

Here is a small handbag that I made on an impulse a few days ago and am particularly pleased with how it turned out.

I really liked the look of a motif featured in Jan Eaton’s book, crochet basics, but couldn’t find the pattern anywhere within the actual book! So I guessed from the pictures what it was, and reproduced this motif. I liked it so much I made another, using some light yarn from my scraps bag in two pretty colours. They seemed to tell me they wanted to be made into a bag! I don’t know why, I didn’t ask them. I’m not so crazy to ask questions of crochet motifs, but there you have it. A cute and pretty little bag with a draw-string lip. I don’t know if I’ll ever use it, I wonder if anyone would like it as a gift?

My guess at the pattern motif
1. contrast colour (opt.), ch 5, sl st to form ring, ch 2, 15 trbl (US dc) into ring, sl st to join, (16 trbl)
2. main colour (opt.), ch 2, (trbl in next trbl, ch 1) in ea trbl, sl st to join (16 trbl, 16 ch sp)
3. ch 2, 2 trbl in same ch sp, 3 trbl in ea ch sp, sl st to join, (48 trbl)
4. contrast colour (opt.), (dc (US sc) in space between 2 sets of 3 trbl, ch 3) 3 times, (dc in next space, ch 5) in next space to form corner, repeat 3 times to end to form 4 corners, sl st into starting dc
5. ch 2, 2 trbl in same ch sp, 3 trbl ea in next 2 ch sp, (5 trbl, ch 1, 5 trbl) in corner ch sp,  repeat 3 times to end with 4 corners, sl st into starting ch, (67 trbl)
6. main colour (opt.), ch 2, trbl in ea trbl, (2 trbl in corner ch 1 sp), repeat around to end with 4 corners,

My pretty bag pattern
1. make 2 square motifs of same size
2. trbl in ea trbl of one motif on 3 sides only
3. sl st 3 sides of two motifs together
4. ch desired length for handle (90 ch), sl st to start of row 3
5. ch 2 sl st to same trbl, trb in ea ch of handle to start of row 4, sl st
6. ch 2, trbl in ea trbl across top lip of bag with 2 trbl in start of handle on ea side, sl st
7. ch 2, trbl in ea trbl around lip of bag, sl st, fasten off
8. contrast colour (opt.), ch length longer than lip of bag, thread in and out through trbls at top of bag lip, sl st to form ring, fasten off

Simple Blue Pouch

This was very easy to whip up, it took me just over an hour using some nice blue wool from my left overs bag.

An internet friend asked me if I could make a pouch for his GPS which measures 125mm x 76mm x 16mm. Usually I don’t sell what I make, preferring to make gifts for family, but I figured that this wouldn’t be too hard so gave it a go.

My pattern for a simple pouch
1. ch 18, treble (US dc) in 3rd ch from hook, tr in ea chain to end, ch 2, turn (16 trebles)
2. treble in each treble, ch 2, turn
3-25. continue row 2 until piece measures 25cm long (about 25 rows)
26. fold at 12th row, making a base of one row, 3 dc (US sc) in ea space down the sides joining two sides together, last space has 1 dc then 2 dc in base row, dc in bottom of ea treble of row 12 to form bottom ridge, dc up the other side like the first side, ch 36 (long enough to be twice the width to form draw string).
27. cut the yarn and thread through first row of trebles, sl st in 1st ch to form draw string, fasten off
LoL! well that’s my pattern as I understand it, I don’t know if anyone else will!

I wrapped it up in some recycled tissue paper with a tiny homemade tag and posted it off to Western Australia! It fit inside a prepaid envelop which only cost $1.40 which I thought wasn’t too bad at all.

Today these fotos came back from my friend in W.A. I’m very pleased to see the GPS actually fits inside. Really, why wouldn’t it? Oh, I don’t know, I thought I might have made it too small!!

I’m glad something I made so simply is a useful thing!

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. Thanks to Louis for the fotos featuring the GPS! ❤

A Set of Small Purses

This set began with a shell pouch I made for my mum to say thank you for teaching me how to crochet. Now the set has grown to include more purses! This is my post for this week’s Transformation Thursday which is hosted by The Shabby Chic Cottage. I transformed a ball of  lovely and soft multi-coloured wool into these purses.

I made the tiny purse without a pattern. I again used the shell pattern for one side then plain for the other so the shape would not turn out wonky. I then made a lid for the purse. I was inspired by the lid on the quick clutch at Crochet Spot but I did not follow the pattern. If I did I probably would not have had to pull it apart two times before I got it right on the third try! I also made up my own tiny button, although I might replace it with a proper button if this doesn’t work out. This tiny purse took one morning to do.

I completed the tissues cover over two days without using a pattern. I had been planning to make one with a slit down the middle but then I saw the tissues I had bought for this opened a different way. I made this tissue purse using the shell stitch on the front only and plain treble crochet on the back and sides so it would keep it’s shape. I had trouble deciding if I would make a lid for it, but settled on leaving it open because the shell stitch made a nice wavy edge.

I gave these and the matching tiny dancing teddy bears to my mum yesterday when she came to visit. She said she likes the set, and promptly put her pens in the larger pouch to stop them from rolling around in her bag! The tiny teddies fit neatly inside the tiny purse, they were so cute!

Be sure to check out the other things linked in with Transformation Thursday, there is always HEAPS of handy home-crafting ideas which I love to check out!
❤ ❤ ❤

My Highlights from this weeks’ party

Simple Brown Handbag

I’ve quickly made up another chocolate-coloured handbag in case my sister doesn’t like the other brown bag I made for her. This is my post for Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage. The materials transformed for this was about 50g of yarn and three buttons. Using a 3.5mm crochet hook it didn’t take long at all, maybe one afternoon.

I was speaking to Jen last week and she mentioned she needed a little handbag just big enough to hold a couple of things so I’ve made another bag a little bigger than the last with a longer handle. This bag has a handle long enough that when on the shoulder the bag will hang down by the waist. I used a simple stitch, instead of the shell stitch I used in the first brown bag which made it a little wonky, so this was quicker to make.

By the way, I found out at the craft group I went to last week that the stitch I’ve been calling ‘double crochet’ is American for the UK stitch called ‘treble crochet’, which is the stitch I used mostly here. I’m thinking I will need to learn both crochet languages so I know the two names for each stitch. There are so many free patterns on the internet that are in American crochet, but my mother and the local craft group use British crochet, so it’s best I know both!

Here’s to hoping my sister likes at least one of these bags!

So MANY Fantastic Ideas at this weeks party, some day I’d really like to try these ones…

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