David's Fingerless Gloves

I bought another ball of this lima alpaca wool from Lincraft when it was on special to make another pair of fingerless gloves for David, this time I made up my own pattern to fit.

David has been wearing the first pair of fingerless gloves I made, but they are a little small for him, being too short and tight to pull on. It’s his birthday today, so I just had to make him another pair in matching wool, this time longer and wider. And just in time for winter to be nearly over, too! At least he’ll have them to wear all next winter! This longer pair of fingerless gloves weighs over 60g so took more then 1 x 50g ball of alpaca, and I used a 4mm hook.

My pattern for David’s fingerless gloves
1. ch 36, sl st to join and form a circle, taking care not to twist the chain, ch 2, treble (US dc) in 1st ch on the right of ch 2 to form a ‘cross-stitch’, (sk 1 ch, tr in next ch, tr in sk ch) repeat to end, sl st in top of 1st cross-stitch (18 crosses)
2. sl st into next space, ch 2, treble in top of 1st cross-stitch (sk top of next cross, treble in next space, treble in top of sk cross) repeat to end, sl st in top of 1st cross (18 cross-stitches)
3-13. repeat row 2 until there are 13 rows of cross stitches
14. ch 2, treble in top of cross to the right of ch, ch 10 (thumb hole), sk 2 cross-stitch, sl st in between 2nd and 3rd cross, sl st 2 up the ch, treble in top of 2nd cross, sk top of 3rd cross, treble, treble in top of sk cross, repeat until end, sl st in top of 1st cross (17 cross-stitches)
15. ch 2, treble in top of cross to the right of ch, sl st in thumb hole, 4 dc (US sc) in thumb hole, treble in between next 2 crosses, treble in top of cross to the right to create cross, repeat cross-stitch pattern to end, sl st in top of 1st cross (16 cross-stitches)
16. sl st 1, ch 2, treble in top of cross to the right of ch, sk 1 dc, sl st in next 2 dc, sk 1 dc, treble in between next 2 crosses, treble in top of the 1st of those 2 crosses, sl st in top of 1st cross (16 crosses)
17. sk 1, sl st1, sk 1, sl st 1, sl st 1, ch 2, treble in top of 1st cross left of thumb hole, repeat cross-stitches to end, last one goes in sl st over thumb hole, sl st in top of 1st cross (16 crosses)
18. sl st, ch 2, treble in top of cross (sk 1, treble, treble in sk) repeat to end (16 cross-stitches)
19, 20, 21. repeat row 18

For David’s birthday, I also bought him a father-to-be book with a cute lovey-dovey book mark to go with it. He’s being such a trooper and so supportive of me right now, I wanted to get him something to help him from a father’s point of view. This particular book comes recommended and it made him laugh in the book store when he saw it, so I got it for him. And it’s good timing too, Father’s Day is a week after his birthday!

Also for David’s birthday, we got him an electric mixer! It might not sound like a good present, but it certainly isn’t for me as I won’t be baking! David loves to bake and is very good at it, so a proper machine will make it even more fun for him! If you would like to see some of the things David likes to cook, be sure to check out his cooking blog @ daves-home-cooking.blogspot.com

Happy Birthday, my darling David ❤ ❤ ❤


Purple Fluffy-top Baby Socks

These are the same as my green fluffy-top socks, except I altered the pattern slightly so the seam is at the sole instead of the top of the sock where it can be seen.

Using the purple big baby wool I got from Lincraft when it was on special, making these cute baby socks were a lot of fun. I changed the heel so I started the rounds in the centre of the heel at the sole instead of the centre of the front. There are only 7 rows that are turned around, the rest of the pattern is the same as before. I used a different fluffy top for these ones, this is some flutter wool with flecks of yellow, pink and purple.

There are two variations of ankles in the pattern, for this one I used the cluster. I thought I had memorised this cluster pattern  and was AFK in front of the TV when I did the first purple sock and I totally screwed it up! After I did the second sock (after re-reading the pattern) I realised my mistake and undid the first ankle and did it again. I’m glad I did, now the two purple socks actually match …

Now I have some more cute things to add to my growing pile of baby stuff!!
❤ ❤

Green Fluffy-top Baby Socks

I found this pattern for baby socks, and they turned out so cute I’ve memorised the pattern so I can make more!

The pattern for these baby socks is at free-crochet.com, all you have to do is register at the website to login and you can download free patterns. So far, I haven’t received any spam and I haven’t paid anything. For these kinds of things I just give an incomplete mailing address, just in case. The pattern for the socks is in the ‘For baby‘ section. For these ones, I used 4ply baby wool with a 3mm hook.

One thing I think could be better about this pattern is the start of each round should be on the sole of the foot, not the top. For my second pair of socks, I’m going to turn the heel around so the rounds start underneath, not on top. That way you won’t see the seam.

Other than that, this is a worthwhile pattern for me to memorise I am thinking! It took me about a couple of hours to make the pair. I topped them off with an extra row of dc (US sc) in a cheap fluffy craft wool, so I think they look extra cute!

Green Hexagon Baby Jacket

I’m quite pleased and surprised this one turned out so cute!

I used some green craft wool my mum gave me for my birthday, I’ve got quite a lot of that colour left. The darker green was a small amount I have in my scraps bag, as was the white. I’m not sure if that dark green is real wool so I’ll have to wash this one carefully, which might turn out to be too inconvenient later on. But this jacket was a bit of a ‘practice’ item for me to try, recycling some old buttons that I think look really cute, so making this jacket turned out to very thrifty and frugal indeed!

I used the hexagon jacket idea which I’ve tried before. I’ve since found another blog that explains the hexagon jacket pattern in more detail, I did the bottom edging and collar following that blog’s pattern. The 11 rounds of green used 60g from my 100g ball of craft wool.

Even if this jacket doesn’t fit my baby, it will be cute for a toy teddy to wear!
❤ ❤

Two Pairs of Purple Baby Booties

I’ve been having real trouble finding a bootie pattern that is quick and easy, I even tried to make up my own pattern! The difference with making slippers for dolls and teddy bears is that I have them to model and make sure they fit. But for the baby booties, my intented recipient is … currently busy growing inside my tummy! We did get to see the baby’s feet, complete with tiny toes, on our ultrasound at 13 weeks though. Isn’t it amazing how formed the baby is after only 3 months?

After trying several different types of bootie patterns, I found this one which looked simple enough. I hope I don’t get to actually use these premmie booties, that my baby arrives strong and healthy. But these premmie booties were really fun to do and look cute hanging on my pc. This pattern for premature baby booties is by Beverly @ http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/thumb-booties.html

When I was trying to make my own pattern for booties I referred to the sizes chart, also @ Beverly’s cottage ( http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/size-chart.html). I didn’t think making baby booties would be so troublesome, considering I’ve made up shoes and slippers for dolls and teddy bears without patterns! I tried several patterns, one I didn’t like because it wanted me to keep fastening off and starting over in a different spot, which I believe was unnecessary, a bootie pattern should be simple and in one piece. Another pattern totally miscounted the stitches I’m sure, when I counted and recounted over it just didn’t add up so I gave up on that one, too!

Eventually I watched some videos on how to make baby booties on youtube and found one I liked by Theshyrainbow. I couldn’t find a website where the pattern was written down, so I’ve written it down for my own reference so I can make them again without having to watch the video. My pattern is not very clear, it’s just for my own notes, so I recommend watching the video. Although it has some little spelling errors, it’s quite straight forward and useful.

A baby bootie pattern based on Shyrainbow’s youtube vid – be sure to watch her youtube video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7TCpHbNPCs
1. ch 15, 2 tr (US dc) in 4th ch from hook, tr in next 10, 6 tr in last ch, tr in bottom of next 10 st, 3 tr in last ch, sl st (32 tr counting 1st 4 ch)
2. ch 3, tr in same, 2 tr in next, tr 13, 4 tr in next, 3 tr in next, 14 tr, 2 tr in last, sl st (40 tr counting 1st ch 3)
3. ch 2, htr (US hdc) in same, 2 htr in next, htr 16, 2 htr in next 4 st, htr 16, 2 htr in last 2 st, sl st (48 tr counting 1st ch 2)
4. ch 3, tr in same, tr 46, sl st (48 tr counting 1st ch 3)
5. repeat row 4
6. ch 3, tr in same, tr 14, (tr decrease every 2) 3x, tr 4, (tr decrease every 2) 3x, tr 16, sl st
7. for top of toe I use a contrast colour, join in 12 st from main colour (9th st from centre of toe), ch 1, htr 16, turn
8. ch 2, sk 1, treble don’t pull through leave loop on hook * , sk 1, trebel *, sk 1, treble *, etc to end, you should have 9 loops on hook, pull through and fasten off
9. back to main colour which is still at the heel, ch 1, dc (US sc) in same, dc 9, decrease dc over 3 in the corner, 2 dc in next sp, 1 dc in sp just right of centre, 1 dc in sp just left of centre, 2 dc in next sp, decrease dc over 3 in corner, dc 12, sl st

I added my own ankle cuffs (not in the video) …
10. for ankle cuffs, ch 3, tr in same, tr in ea st around, sl st
11. and 12. repeat row 10.
13, 14 and 15. in contrast colour, repeat rows 10-12,
16. I added a hook at the end in case they ever get hung up somewhere because they look so cute, ch 10, sl st in 1st ch, fasten off.

A Pink Outfit for a Kelly Doll

I just have to show again a closeup of this pink outfit I made for a Kelly Doll. I just think she is soo cute!
Here she is with her friends ready for a fun trip to the beach!
I found these dolls at a second-hand market and cleaned them up. I used crochet cotton I bought second hand from thrift shops to make their clothes.
This is my post for this week’s Pink Saturday hosted @ How Sweet the Sound.
Be sure to check out other pretty pinks @ Pink Saturday!
❤ ❤

White Sunhat with Daisy Garland

The purpose of making this sun hat was to practice before trying to make one for a child, possibly my niece who has gone back to live in Darwin and has no use whatsoever for one of my winter beanies!

This is a very special doll my mother gave to my grandma. When nanna went to hospital I was given this doll for safe keeping. I think my mum wants this doll back one day but when I offer she says ‘next time’. So I am taking good care of her by making her a pretty hat, so she doesn’t feel left out because all the other toys are getting clothes made for them, too!

I have real trouble reading patterns as I often say, I need to understand in my mind beforehand how what I am making will work. This means I have a lot of trial and error while I try and make up my own patterns when I want to do something a little more complicated. I looked at images of cotton crochet sun hat on google but did not follow a pattern or any one image idea. I started with a five petal flower then continued with a flat round, then stopped increasing down the sides, making gaps in the five corners. With the brim I started increasing again at the corners, filling in the gaps with increasing stitches. I mostly used double trebles (American trebles) for this hat.

The hat was a little loose on the doll and I made it that way so it wouldn’t ruin the doll’s curls. But it wouldn’t stay on! Looking at the completed hat I decided it needed some more five petal daisies to match the one in the centre. So I came up with the idea to make a little daisy garland to go round the hat to keep it tightly on the doll. The daisies in the garland are the same size as the daisy on the hat, but are made differently so the tips of the petals are not joined in a round. The daisies on the garland were (3 ch, sl st, 3 ch US treble into centre cluster, 3 ch, sl st into centre) repeat 5x, then each flower was joined with 15 ch. I had to do the final sl st of each flower on the opposite side to front so they would sit properly on the garland, all nicely facing the front.

I’m still not sure how I will make one to fit a child though. This used cheap 4ply mercer cotton from Lincraft and a 1.5m hook. It might be a bit fine for a child’s hat, but I wouldn’t want a summer hat to be much thicker either. Making a child’s sunhat is just one more thing on my ‘list of things to do’!

❤ ❤

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