Barbie’s Pink Tea Party

The pink dress I made especially for today’s Pink Tea Party could very well be the most beautiful thing I’ve made so far! I think my Barbie is very pleased to have something so nice to wear to the party today, which is to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Pink  Saturday and is hosted at How Sweet the Sound.

The vintage doll’s cane furniture is the first thing I’ve ever bought from Ebay about two weeks ago. I remember when I was a little girl some of my friends had these but I didn’t, and when I saw them on Ebay I just had to grab it! There was also a four piece lounge set for sale with normal chairs instead of the peacock chairs, but because it was my very first ebay purchase, someone else bid at the very last minute so I lost! I didn’t make the same mistake on the peacock chairs though, and got them for $16 including postage. Probably a little on the expensive side for my modest doll collection as I’m not too serious about it, but I do believe the seller when they said this cane set is about 40 years old! I think it’s a very special thing.

Using a 2.5mm hook and a small ball of baby pink yarn, I started the doll’s dress on Monday afternoon and finished midday Tuesday, so it took less than one day. This is not the first dress I’ve made like this, although I think it’s an improvement on the orignal because it crosses over at the back so you can’t see her knickers – if she is wearing any! The Barbie dresses I make are inspired by a dress I’ve kept and treasured from my childhood which my mother tells me was made by my Nanna Pam. You can’t tell when she is sitting down, but you can pinch the skirt to make pleats appear. I am so tickled pink I could manage to make something as pretty as this!

In an attempt to preserve the doll’s hair as long as possible, I try and keep it tied up in a little snood. Anyone who has collected dolls knows how synthetic hair can ruin over time. But the pretty pink dress needed it’s own hat, so I decided to give making a bonnet a go! I looked on google for images of crochet doll bonnets, but there were not many that I could see. I remember a knitted bonnet I wore as a young child which folded neatly into a square, so I made one up kind of like that. I didn’t follow a pattern at all, and used the same stitches as in the skirt of the pink dress.

The tiny coffee table needed a pink doily, don’t you think? This is my first completed proper doily and it took me between 2 to 4 hours I think, finishing it last Thursday morning. I used a pattern in a book I borrowed from my local library on Monday called “101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects“. The pattern for this doily is on page 40-41.

This doll’s setting would not be complete without a tiny doll’s teaset but when I looked on ebay for those I decided they were too expensive. But when David took me to the Salvo’s store last Saturday I saw this set for just $1! That was more like it I thought, but didn’t notice until I got to the counter that the teapot has been broken and glued back together. Oh well, I don’t think Barbie minds! And the tiny teddies don’t drink tea anyway. The cheeky things have hidden a big bottle of liquor to sip during today’s party, those Party Animals!!! A good thing too, because there is only one teacup!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my special pink tea party!
❤ ❤ ❤

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Highlights from this week’s party

Red Hearts of Love

All these photos were taken last Sunday morning. When I saw them in my pictures folder together I realised they were all red so that gave me an idea for a post to join in with Ruby Tuesday hosted by Mary at Work of the Poet!

After a couple of hours of me checking the Pink Saturday blogs and he playing a computer game, we got peckish for some breakfast. We were in the mood for our favourite lovey dovey breakfast, sausages and tomato with love heart eggs and mushrooms!

On Saturday, David took me to a Salvo’s store (Salvation Army charity shop). We hadn’t been there before and there were lots of bargain treasures to be found, some of which I decided I coudn’t bring home. One thing I did grab was this very good toy for developing fine motor and hand-eye coordination in very young children. It’s pretty solid, not flimsy, so I grabbed it for $3. In the background you can see a red love-heart bag. I can’t remember where I got it from but I keep some Barbie things in it, it’s so cute. Also in the background you can see my tiny teddies where they live now, sitting on one of the vintage doll’s chairs to keep Barbie company. The doily you can see I believe was made by my great-grandmother, which I hope to try copying one day.

Another bargain treasure we found at the Salvo’s store on Saturday were this pair of lovey dovey coffee mugs. We’ve decided to collect coffee mugs with love hearts on them, as well as other things with love hearts because we are sooo lovey dovey! /awwww… lol! These are probably not so great because the shape means that one is smaller than the other. I don’t like the idea that to be in love one person must be smaller.

Our first love heart coffee mugs we bought were these very cheap ones we saw at the supermarket a couple of years ago. We got four, one broke and has been thrown away. That’s a shame, I really must remember to keep broken crockery for my mosaic projects I hope to do one day. Two of the remaining three mugs have broken handles, so one is now used as my pens holder by my pc. That’s why I’m afraid to use the 3rd mug for drinking as I have a terrible vision of someone spilling hot coffee over them when the silly handle breaks! But they are just too cute to throw away, they are too lovey dovey! When a coffee handle breaks, it can still be recycled into something useful.

I also took a photo of this very cute red chocolate tin. It cost me $5 full of chocolates from Coles online last Valentine’s Day. I havent’ decided what it will be used for yet, but I’m sure it will turn out to be nice. It’s sitting on top of the table my great-grandfather made, which I will do a post about one day.

I didn’t realise how many red love hearts I have about my house!
❤ ❤ ❤

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Highlights from this week’s party


It’s one thing to get given rubbish that you have no practical use for so it merely adds to the junk in your life, it’s quite another to source free stuff that is actually practical and saves you money.

I’ve been getting Coles Online for 12 months now, and although it’s helping me avoid the outside world, I absolutely love it! At least I have to shower and dress a minimum of once a week when the delivery guy comes 😛 More times than not, the delivery contains a free sample, some of which are pictured here. I’ve also tried signing up for free samples from I’ve only done it a couple of times, and only sent away for samples from companies I know, like Palmer’s and Nestle. Both companies sent the samples, although each took a couple of weeks.

And don’t ever pay money for a calendar! Many businesses hand them out for free, like Robin’s Kitchen which we used in 2009. This year we’re using a calendar from our local Turner’s nursery. It’s useful because it has extra gardening info month by month, and best of all, it was free! ❤ ❤ ❤

Horrors of the Grocery Store!!! (I

There is nothing more depressing in my mind than pushing a shopping cart (more likely than not to have a wonky wheel and a mind of its own) down narrow aisles blaringly lit by artifical neons, crammed full with products screaming ‘look-at-me, Look-At-Me!!’ And this all the while negotiating self-absorbed fellow shoppers determined to block the way too narrow for you and their trolley combined, topped off with a soundtrack of screaming children and cheesey pop music.

Oh yes, I detest the grocery store. Too bad that I’m supposed to make more of an effort to get out of the house. If I’m going to do that, I’d rather it not be listening to other people’s children screaming in the shopping centre because their parents are ignoring them and seem quite ok with imposing their life choice upon everybody unfortunate to exist anywhere in close proximity, say a 1km radius.

The whole grocery store experience is solely set up for the convenience of the capitalist shop owners and their willingness to use every trick in their arsenal to manipulate you into harried, rash or misguided purchases you will likely regret.  In the old days, you’ d take your list to the counter and the friendly assistant went and got the stuff for you, so no opportunity for impulse buys. That was before the greedies figured out how to get you to walk into their storeroom and get the stuff your goddamm self, all the while trying to distract you into buying more stuff. And then there is this business of pricing products in less than round amounts to make a quick calculation challenging. God dam you, I will stand there for 5 minutes if I have to, so I can figure out if its cheaper to buy the 145g or the 270g jar of vegemite, just to spite you! I hate supermarkets with an unequalled passion.

Of course, I tell myself there are sensible, financial reasons for shopping online and my distaste for supermarkets is not the only reason. If not,  I would be getting out of the house every week, right? I’ve used both Woolworths and Coles, and while they both have ‘unit pricing’ only Coles allows you to sort accordingly. This makes it a very straight forward thing to figure out which sized product is the best value for money, even when the specials are on. Coles is also better because they will charge your account on the day the groceries are dispatched and you will not be charged for out of stock items, unlike Woolworths. At Colesonline I have a record of every product I have ever bought, which after nearly a year is over 600 items. I can see when these are on special and time to stock up. I have a few days to work on my shopping cart, coming back to it as I need to change it, so there is plenty of time to make sure I’m getting what I need and not just what I’ve managed to grab in under an hour. This forward planning means I am able to stick to my budget and feed two people for just over $100 a week, and that includes toiletries and cleaning products. I’m more than confident I get my $5 in delivery fees back and then some. Also, I almost always get a cute little sample to try, which is a nice little bonus, like tasty new sauces, spices, tissues, frozen fruit, canned chicken, etc etc. Like these cute little toy trucks, which I can give to the nephews when I see them next.

So shopping online is not just for insane hermits like myself, it is thrifty and sensible. Impulse buys and budget blowouts are a thing of the past,  stocking up on specials are GO!