Simple Gifts – girl’s handbag, soap savers, dishcloths

I made these things to give as gifts this Christmas, finishing the dishcloths today.

<<< My sister told me her daughter would like a grey and pink bag like the one I gave her last year, but this time with a zig zag or polkadot pattern. So this is what I came up with! It’s my own pattern and required a second attempt, the first one was just to work it out, then it got unravelled! The pattern is basically a sl st, sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc, sl st repeated, every second row does the same pattern but inverted with the sl st falling on the middle dc, if you know what I mean! Two rows one colour then the next two rows the other colour result in these wavy stripes. Otherwise, it’s a pretty straight forward bag, with a row of dc in the handle. I think I used a 4mm hook, I really like the pink I used its a vibrant colour, and some dark grey wool.

>>>My favourite soap is the pink Dove soap, its a pink ribbon fund raiser and is very nice, soft and creamy. I decided to use some pretty pink cotton I have left over from the sun hat I made for my niece last year, to make some pretty soap savers! Again, I had to have a second attempt, the first go I worked out the pattern then had to unravel it and start again properly. I started at the bottom with 9 ch, then a dc in every ch, 3 extra at each end, then another 9 on the other side of the ch to make a round. After that there are 7 rows of lace, the pattern is 2 dc 1 ch 2 dc, sk 2, 1 dc 3 ch 1 dc, sk 2, then alternated into the sp, if you know what I mean! Then the top is 1 dc 1 ch, and a ch threaded through and sl st onto itself to make a closed tie handle. I used a 3.5mm hook and a 50/50 cotton and acrylic blend. I hope the recipents like these, I think they’re really nice anyway!

<<< Today I finished these pentagon dishcloths using up the last of the pretty 50/50 cotton acrylic blend. It’s so sad to see the last of it go! Again I used the 3.5mm hook, and my own pattern. This is like other pentagon dishcloths I’ve made, but slightly bigger as my husband has said they need to be! If I didn’t run out of cotton they would be even bigger! I’ve made these for people who mentioned they’d like home-made dishcloths, I hope they like these!

Merry Christmas!!!

Pink Ribbon Stuff

I didn’t realise until I thought about it how many things I currently own that are pink ribbon fundraiser items. I’m sure someone else has already blogged about these, but because I’m new to Pink Saturday I haven’t seen one yet. What better way to add pink to your life than by purchasing lovely and practical pink items that also help raise money for a good cause?

I’m very excited about my new pink video camera which came earlier this week! David and I will be going to pick up the new data card for it tomorrow, so hopefully I can make a start on making little videos for youtube, although I think I have to clear a lot off rubbish from my computer to make room first! And I particularly LOVE Dove pink soap, it feels so nice and soft and best of all it’s pink! I just stash up on that whenever it’s on special which happens from time to time.

I’ve already blogged in “Pink  Ribbon Toy Shrug” about the gorgeous little furry friend for whom I made a little crochet  jacket! That was fun to do, lol. And I really like my very first labelmaker which still smells like a brand new barbie doll. It really should have the pink ribbon logo on it, but I’m pretty sure it was on the packaging, which I might add there was waaaay too much of, and needed industrial strength scissors just to cut open. Why do they have such impractical packaging, it really is silly imho.

Although I’ve never purchased anything from the pink ribbon store, they do have one online. All of my pink ribbon purchases have been incidental from the grocery store, chemist etc, in my endless endeavor to add more pink to my life!
Amen for Pink Stuff!

And don’t forget to stop by Beverly’s blog for more details on Pink Saturday!

Pink Ribbon Toy Shrug

One thing I really want to do is make myself a shrug but I tried a very simple pattern last week and it was epic fail! The large rectangle I made is now being saved, along with the big yellow round thing in the previous post, for what I think I might turn into a big blanket of all mismatched samples and trials. I was thinking, rather than risk wasting more time crocheting up a free shrug pattern from the net that might not turn out, I would trial some by first making miniatures for the soft toys in the kid’s guest room.

This special pink fellow actually lives in our car’s glove box. He was an impulse buy (yes, I do think it is a ‘he’), from the chemist and is a fund raiser for breast cancer research. He has lovely soft fur that’s comforting to hold and play with when we drive the 2 hours to visit my folks. The traffic on the highway is simply madness! The green ribbon in the foto is recycled from a special packet of chocolates that looked like olives brought back from Paris by Dave’s mum on her recent trip to Europe. I thought he looked particularly cute with the cheerful bow, and all the way from Paris no less! Darrrrling, simply devine!! That is one well dressed bear.

I didn’t follow a pattern, I just made it up. To make this little shrug for the breast cancer toy I first made a chain long enough that if made into a circle would fit around his hands. Basically the shape I made is widest in the middle and tapers to the ends. I used a DC and 1ch stitch. The 1st 3 rows of each end have 11 ch sp, the 4th and 4th last rows have 12, the 5th and 5th last rows have 13. I made about 8 rows of 14 ch sp for the wide part in the middle. I chain joined the 3 rows on each end to form sleeves. I also did 2 rows of treble stitches in the inside of the sleeve joins to form chest panels, the 1st row had 3 trebles into the same space (the sleeve join) and the 2nd row had 6 trebles, 2 in each ch sp. I chained up a little tie to make a bow at the front.

Here are some grown up shrugs that I might like to try one day …