Crochet Motifs in White

Here are some more motifs I made using patterns in Jan Eaton’s ‘crochet basics’ book that I borrowed from the library and had to return last week. It such a good book, I might have to borrow it again!

  • 3 Lacey squares, on pages 68-69
  • 3 simple shapes, triangle on page 76, wheel hexagon 74, flower hexagon page 75

Like my other motifs and false starts, these will go in my sample bag. I wonder if I’ll be able to sew them altogether one day to make a big rug? Lol, not sure that will work with the lacey squares … hahaha

David's Fingerless Gloves

I bought another ball of this lima alpaca wool from Lincraft when it was on special to make another pair of fingerless gloves for David, this time I made up my own pattern to fit.

David has been wearing the first pair of fingerless gloves I made, but they are a little small for him, being too short and tight to pull on. It’s his birthday today, so I just had to make him another pair in matching wool, this time longer and wider. And just in time for winter to be nearly over, too! At least he’ll have them to wear all next winter! This longer pair of fingerless gloves weighs over 60g so took more then 1 x 50g ball of alpaca, and I used a 4mm hook.

My pattern for David’s fingerless gloves
1. ch 36, sl st to join and form a circle, taking care not to twist the chain, ch 2, treble (US dc) in 1st ch on the right of ch 2 to form a ‘cross-stitch’, (sk 1 ch, tr in next ch, tr in sk ch) repeat to end, sl st in top of 1st cross-stitch (18 crosses)
2. sl st into next space, ch 2, treble in top of 1st cross-stitch (sk top of next cross, treble in next space, treble in top of sk cross) repeat to end, sl st in top of 1st cross (18 cross-stitches)
3-13. repeat row 2 until there are 13 rows of cross stitches
14. ch 2, treble in top of cross to the right of ch, ch 10 (thumb hole), sk 2 cross-stitch, sl st in between 2nd and 3rd cross, sl st 2 up the ch, treble in top of 2nd cross, sk top of 3rd cross, treble, treble in top of sk cross, repeat until end, sl st in top of 1st cross (17 cross-stitches)
15. ch 2, treble in top of cross to the right of ch, sl st in thumb hole, 4 dc (US sc) in thumb hole, treble in between next 2 crosses, treble in top of cross to the right to create cross, repeat cross-stitch pattern to end, sl st in top of 1st cross (16 cross-stitches)
16. sl st 1, ch 2, treble in top of cross to the right of ch, sk 1 dc, sl st in next 2 dc, sk 1 dc, treble in between next 2 crosses, treble in top of the 1st of those 2 crosses, sl st in top of 1st cross (16 crosses)
17. sk 1, sl st1, sk 1, sl st 1, sl st 1, ch 2, treble in top of 1st cross left of thumb hole, repeat cross-stitches to end, last one goes in sl st over thumb hole, sl st in top of 1st cross (16 crosses)
18. sl st, ch 2, treble in top of cross (sk 1, treble, treble in sk) repeat to end (16 cross-stitches)
19, 20, 21. repeat row 18

For David’s birthday, I also bought him a father-to-be book with a cute lovey-dovey book mark to go with it. He’s being such a trooper and so supportive of me right now, I wanted to get him something to help him from a father’s point of view. This particular book comes recommended and it made him laugh in the book store when he saw it, so I got it for him. And it’s good timing too, Father’s Day is a week after his birthday!

Also for David’s birthday, we got him an electric mixer! It might not sound like a good present, but it certainly isn’t for me as I won’t be baking! David loves to bake and is very good at it, so a proper machine will make it even more fun for him! If you would like to see some of the things David likes to cook, be sure to check out his cooking blog @

Happy Birthday, my darling David ❤ ❤ ❤

Barbie’s Pink Tea Party

The pink dress I made especially for today’s Pink Tea Party could very well be the most beautiful thing I’ve made so far! I think my Barbie is very pleased to have something so nice to wear to the party today, which is to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Pink  Saturday and is hosted at How Sweet the Sound.

The vintage doll’s cane furniture is the first thing I’ve ever bought from Ebay about two weeks ago. I remember when I was a little girl some of my friends had these but I didn’t, and when I saw them on Ebay I just had to grab it! There was also a four piece lounge set for sale with normal chairs instead of the peacock chairs, but because it was my very first ebay purchase, someone else bid at the very last minute so I lost! I didn’t make the same mistake on the peacock chairs though, and got them for $16 including postage. Probably a little on the expensive side for my modest doll collection as I’m not too serious about it, but I do believe the seller when they said this cane set is about 40 years old! I think it’s a very special thing.

Using a 2.5mm hook and a small ball of baby pink yarn, I started the doll’s dress on Monday afternoon and finished midday Tuesday, so it took less than one day. This is not the first dress I’ve made like this, although I think it’s an improvement on the orignal because it crosses over at the back so you can’t see her knickers – if she is wearing any! The Barbie dresses I make are inspired by a dress I’ve kept and treasured from my childhood which my mother tells me was made by my Nanna Pam. You can’t tell when she is sitting down, but you can pinch the skirt to make pleats appear. I am so tickled pink I could manage to make something as pretty as this!

In an attempt to preserve the doll’s hair as long as possible, I try and keep it tied up in a little snood. Anyone who has collected dolls knows how synthetic hair can ruin over time. But the pretty pink dress needed it’s own hat, so I decided to give making a bonnet a go! I looked on google for images of crochet doll bonnets, but there were not many that I could see. I remember a knitted bonnet I wore as a young child which folded neatly into a square, so I made one up kind of like that. I didn’t follow a pattern at all, and used the same stitches as in the skirt of the pink dress.

The tiny coffee table needed a pink doily, don’t you think? This is my first completed proper doily and it took me between 2 to 4 hours I think, finishing it last Thursday morning. I used a pattern in a book I borrowed from my local library on Monday called “101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects“. The pattern for this doily is on page 40-41.

This doll’s setting would not be complete without a tiny doll’s teaset but when I looked on ebay for those I decided they were too expensive. But when David took me to the Salvo’s store last Saturday I saw this set for just $1! That was more like it I thought, but didn’t notice until I got to the counter that the teapot has been broken and glued back together. Oh well, I don’t think Barbie minds! And the tiny teddies don’t drink tea anyway. The cheeky things have hidden a big bottle of liquor to sip during today’s party, those Party Animals!!! A good thing too, because there is only one teacup!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my special pink tea party!
❤ ❤ ❤

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Highlights from this week’s party

A Pair of Tiny Dancing Teddies

I had originally made these for my mum as she collects teddy bears, but I don’t think they are good enough! I think I’ll try tagging along with a new party today called Look at Me Fridays at It’s fun to craft.

I probably need to do some serious brushing up on my embroidery skills, their faces are not great, lol! For these teddies I used tiny pieces of recycled ribbon for their bow-ties and some fine yarn with 2.5mm and 2mm hooks. I put my glasses in the shot so you can see just how tiny they are. These are the same size as my first set of tiny teddy bears.

Yes, their arms are meant to be that way so they look like they are dancing, well that’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it! One arm curls to the front, the other to the back, I think it looks like they are doing the chair dance, not unlike the /chairdance I do when my WoW guild downs a new boss!


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Highlights from this week’s party –

Thanks to Fun to Craft for hosting today’s party /smiles!

The best gift we got this Christmas

I really do not know why my family keeps saying, every Christmas, that we are not doing the gift thing. “Only for the kids” says my sister. Ok cool, I agree with that. Philisophically speaking, I’m totally against the way capitalists have brainwashed ordinary people into believing they are obliged to spend their slave-earnt cash on absolute crap that no one wants when it ends up in the cupboard, collecting dust on a shelf, in the garbage, or regifted (actually, I rather like the idea of regifting, if people Insist on the ridiculous ritual of gift-giving, passing it forward seems a reasonable solution).

And of course, gullible me believed my sister as she was even more believable than last year. So, I only got some little presents for our family’s six young children. And lo and behold, what happened? Yup, we got some gifts, the childless couple. Grrrr. We even got some gift vouchers from the department store I actually occasionally manage to get myself to, so it wasn’t an impractical gift and will be used of course, but its the principle of the matter, isn’t it. No wonder everyone has money problems, when they buy stuff they do not need to. And my sister gave us a bottle of wine, just a cheap brand that we drank. A bottle of wine is a good gift to give a couple, as it can be shared, and its less than $10. But my sister can not afford frivolity, despite that fact she often indulges in it.

The silliest gift we got were a box of three pretty glass ornaments to hang, decorative things with no practical use whatsoever and no easy way to actually hang them up on … something? They are meant to be a Christmas decoration, although would look nice hanging in a window to catch the light, but we have those silly flapping vertical blinds here so there’s no where to hanging pretty things in the windows. A perfect candidate for next years regifting!

The best thing we were given this year was a very thoughtful and practical book called ‘the organic container gardener’s bible’ as we have a modest container garden which is finally starting to look as if it might thrive in our small courtyard. We think this book caught our eye in the bookstore when we were hanging out there a few months ago and it has some very helpful pages in there for us.

We were just talking to David’s mum recently about how if gifts are to be given, it should be something that makes you think of the person as a useful gift to give them, at any time of the year, and not the other way around, when you go to the shop frantically looking for something to give Relative XYZ and end up grabbing some silly thing. And that reminds me, it was Beverly’s 60th birthday on New Year’s Eve – sweetheart, did you ring your mother? Anyway, my mum must have thought this book was perfect for us and its proven to be a good read with some good advice and tips for our little garden.

And next year? Well. Note to self – don’t believe my relatives when they try and say ‘no gifts for Christmas’! They are lying! Next time I will indulge in the silly ritual of gift giving but it will be thoughtful and cheap! Like homegrown and fruiting chilli plants, of which if they all survive we have way too many, bars of pretty soap, recycled pencils for the children with new books, stickers and cheap toys … and bottles of cheap wine! Hoorah!!